5 Best Healthy Foods To Gain Weight In India

Foods To Gain Weight

It sounds weird when someone asks for Foods To Gain Weight. As in the modern world, everyone wants to look slim, thin, and skinny. On the other hand, there are lots of individuals who are willing to look chubby. In India, you can find every kind of people such as extremely thin, overweight, and healthy persons. And India is also famous for its dishes and spices.

Along with this, there are various reasons behind your underweight such as high metabolism, genes, overactive thyroid hormones, and depression. But, if an individual follows the proper diet plan to gain weight in a short period with the help of healthy food available in India. Check the following best healthy foods to become healthy.

Foods To Gain Weight

Eat Protein-Rich Source

Proteins are very helpful in building muscles. To make lean muscle mass, and gain weight protein is the best option for you to add protein-rich food in your daily diet. Chicken breast, ground turkey tofu, beans, soybeans, legumes and beans, fish, nuts and seeds, milk, eggs, and yogurt are the meals that are full of proteins. Most of the studies show that less than 15% of proteins may lead to excess weight loss.

Fruit Juice

Drink fresh fruit juice every day can contribute to the excess contribution which may cause you to weight gain. There are a variety of fruit juices to drink which are full of fibers and natural sugar but there is also the stock of fruit juice such as kale, and low-sugar fruits like lemon, and cranberry to control the consumption of calories and low in carbohydrates.

Cheese – Foods To Gain Weight

Well, cheese is a rich source of fat, calories, and calcium. To gain weight, full-fat cheese is a great option for individuals. Cheese can be taken in many forms such as you can add it into smoothies or use it in place of sour cream in dips to eat with fresh vegetables. Feta cheese is made from goats and sheep’s milk and it is full of minerals, vitamins, calories and has a good taste.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are the best source to gain weight. Everyone very craves to intake dry fruits as they are delicious with lots of benefits dates, prune, raisins, sultanas, currants, and more. These are full of vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, avocados, etc. Along with this, dry fruits are very helpful for flawless skin, bones, and so on. Don’t drink water before taking meals otherwise it’ll increase the level of calories in your body.

Yogurt – Best Foods To Gain Weight

Yogurt is full of proteins and minerals and there is very different kind of the yogurts available in the market such as flavored yogurts, fat contains. But for getting more weight you must avoid low-fat content and flavored yogurt because it contains added sugars. If you want a flavored yogurt then go for the yogurt which contains fruits and nuts. You can take yogurt in your breakfast with brown bread or even at lunch.