5 Best Folic Acid Foods To Eat Daily

Folic Acid Foods

Looking for the best folic acid foods then you are on right track. We are sharing the best list of the meals which are full of folic acid. It is always considered that there is no difference between folic acid and folate. On the other hand, these are the different forms of vitamin B9 whereas folate is the natural form of vitamin B9 and folic acid is the synthetic form. There are many benefits of the intake of folic acid such as it helps to maintain the cells, prevent the changes in DNA which may lead to cancer, and it completes the deficiency of folic acid to protect the body from several diseases. Many folic acid foods are available in the market and check it following.

Folic Acid Foods


Broccoli is rich in folic acids and one serving broccoli contains 53.7 mcg of Folate. Along with this, broccoli is also known for vitamin A. And vitamin A is good for skin and teeth health. On the other hand, its main function is to secrete pigment in the retina of the eye. It also has carotenoids that perform as antioxidants. It is a full package of a healthy meal.

Nuts And Seeds – Best Folic Acid Foods

Seeds like flax seeds and sunflower seeds and nuts like almonds are rich in folate. Well, you can also consume these seeds and nuts in your salad and take as raw for a healthy dose. These seeds are full of manganese and vitamins because these support the immune system and nervous system. Almonds contain Vitamin A as well which is beneficial for skin, eyes, and health. On the other hand, nuts and seeds are available at a reasonable price and you can take them anywhere.

Yeast Extract

You can take yeast extract with crackers, toast, or even sandwiches. One serving of yeast extract spread has 60.6 mcg of folate. Well, it has a strong flavor so that you can take it in a small amount. And it is also rich in niacin, which is very helpful to decrease the level of cholesterol as according to scientists. As it has a high amount of sodium, it contains nearly 8 calories.

Soybeans – Best Folic Acid Foods

According to the study of the University of South Carolina, soybeans help to decrease the concentration of bad cholesterol. Soybeans are full of proteins which is important for health. Well, soybeans are also mean to strong bones and balance the calcium in postmenopausal women. Along with this, one serving of soybeans contains 376 calories. You must add soybeans to your daily diet.

Vegetables Dark Green Leafy

Well, doctors also recommend taking green vegetables because they are rich in vitamins, proteins, and folate. Dark green such as spinach and kale, which contains 58.2 mcg of folic acid in one serving. On the other hand, you can make a variety of dishes as per your choice. One of the researches disclosed that it must take half of the plate of fruits, vegetables with dark green which plays a dominant role. Green vegetables are rich in carotenoids for good health.