5 Best Business Accounting Software In India

Balancing a bank statement close-up with pencil and calculator

Business accounting software is an application that helps to store and maintain accounts as well as to conduct arithmetic or accounting operations. There are endless amounts of business accounting software available on the market these days that aid with a small business entity’s financial management and balance sheet.

Through this post, we strive to highlight some of India’s best business accounting software and its features. So here we go:

Business Accounting Software

Tally – Best Business Accounting Software

With over 75 percent market share and 2 trillion business users, the tally is undeniably India’s best accounts software for small businesses. Tally is so familiar with the accountants that when asked about accounts software, Tally is the first thing that comes to their mind. Since accountants have been using this program for so many decades, they have formed a comfort factor for tally work and have a vast preference for tally work. What drives its development is its mass appeal and consumer acceptability.


Busy was introduced in 1997 and is known for its features of inventory management. Most distributors and stockholders have moved from Count to Busy, as Busy’s comprehensive inventory reports help a company keep track of the stock. The busy price begins on Rs. 6300. It is genuinely a great software.

Marg – Best Business Accounting Software

Launched in 1992, Marg has built a name on the market as a program that delivers tailored solutions based on each industry’s needs. It has developed various accounting software for multiple industries, such as the Pharmaceutical Industry, Trading Industry & Retail Industry. Marg Accounting is also well known for its Pharmaceutical Industry Software.

Quickbooks India

Quickbooks is an excellent US and other leading accounts software. It also entered the Indian market a few years ago with the Indian edition of QuickBooks. The need to provide different software for each nation stems from the fact that each country’s accounting and tax laws vary, and so improvements in the software are needed.

Quickbooks is highly popular with that group of accountants who used QuickBooks earlier in some other country when they were abroad and now choose to use QuickBooks in India. It was have released an Indian edition of its popular accounting software to cater to such individuals. Moreover, it has also recently joined up with various banks to import the bank statements through the QuickBooks accounting program itself, and there is no need to feed the data manually.

Zoho Books – Best Business Accounting Software

Zoho Books is the newest entry in the area of accounting. It is a platform for cloud accounting, easily accessed from any computer using the Internet. The data in this accounting program is not stored in your computer, but is distributed over the cloud and accessed quickly from anywhere. Since your computer does not save the data, it is also safe from machine-related errors/crashes.

There is currently over 100 accounting software in India. Still, the software, as mentioned above, is the most widely used and is thus considered the best accounts software for small businesses in India. Go through them thoroughly and understand them better. It can help you in your business effectively.