5 Best and Easy One Minute Games For Kids

One Minute Games

If you are looking for the best One Minute Games for kids so that they play while learning, then you have to the right place. Every kid loves to spend their time with friends while playing games both at school and at home. In reality, the children have a short attention span that’s why it becomes challenging for both parents and teachers to make them play long games.

But, don’t worry, with the help of one-minute games or indoor games you can make your child involve in play while sitting at home. However, these One Minute Games are exciting and make the child excited. So, let’s start exploring the one minute match by which you can make then engage in play: –

One Minute Games

Top Cup Is The Best One Minute Games

This game, called a top cup, will test the patience and focus of the child. Now the question arises how you help the child to play this game?

To play this game, you need some essential things like 30 to 40 red or any other color cups and one cup with a different shade.

Now, stack the cups on top of each other and that one different shade cup in between them.

Ask the child to remove every cup from the bottom of the top. This procedure will continue until the different shade cup does not come. Whosoever, do this in one-minute will win the game.

Making Easter Eggs

This is another one minute game to make your child learn color and do the work with focus. To play this, you have to offer plastic Easter eggs and stopwatch.

What you have to do is split the eggs and tell the child to put them together with the same shade within one-minute.

Polo Tower

Another one-minute game for the child to learn concentration. To play this game, the child needs some polo candies. Ask every child to stand around the table to play the game. Every single child will stack the polo candies one after another at the top within one minute.

This one-minute game is a compelling game that helps the child to learn many things.

Ice Picking Is The Best One Minute Games

This game is perfect for the summer season because of scorching heat, and it’s challenge kids will love this one-minute game. Just take plenty of ice cubes, some toothpicks, and two bowls.

Now, ask the child to pick ice cubes one by one from one bowl with the help of a toothpick and put it in another bowl.

Whosoever, the child can transfer the ice first within one-minute will win the game.


To play bowling game, you have to arrange some tins or plastic bottles and one ball. Now arrange the bottles or tins at one end of the room one after another. Now ask the child to drop all the tins or containers with the ball to win the game.

Final Thought For One Minute Games

So, try out all these one-minute games with kids on any day and make them learn things while playing.