20 Top Secrets To Stop Hair Fall For Men and Women

Stop Hair Fall

First Let’s See The Basic Reason Of Hair Fall In Both The Genders:

In this busy life, the major reason for hair fall in men and women is carelessness towards the health of hair. The other reasons are alopecia, aging, and change in hormones, improper diet, and lack of vitamin. So let us take a quick look on how to stop hair fall with home remedies.

Stop Hair Fall

Check Your Diet

Certain ingredients are necessary to be included in the diet daily. The list includes protein, almond, green vegetables and Omega 3. These should be valuable members of your daily diet to provide health to your hair and helps to stop hair fall.


Your hair needs vitamins such a Vitamin A (produced required sebum in the scalp), Vitamin E (responsible for blood circulation), Vitamin B (keeps check on the health) and Vitamin B12 (repairs the skin cells).

Biotin & Zinc

Biotin repairs the hair quality, color and texture, and the Zinc modifies the follicles and tissues which are responsible for hair growth. Include these into your diet or the supplements can also be consumed for healthy unbreakable hair.

Drink Water

Water is the cornerstone of every physical problem. Drinking water keeps your scalp hydrated which takes dandruff under control and it will helps alot to stop hair fall.

Massage In The Scalp

Massaging the scalp generates proper and effective blood circulation. Warm almond, coconut, castor, hibiscus oil are used since ancient times as they give visible results. These oils should be a bit warm so that they can penetrate your scalp and reach the cells and tissues to provide nutrition.

Using Hot Towel

After massaging the scalp, the hot towel treatment should be done by wrapping the oily hair into a hot towel. This opens the pores of the scalp and hence the oil can easily drop into the skin making the skin of scalp healthy.

Mask For Hair

There is a different combination of ingredients available in the market to make your hair healthy. You can combination that suits well and removes dirt and dandruff and feels the scalp perfectly.

Tea Leaves

Green tea is the most preferred drink by the health-conscious people. It is not just effective for the internal body but also it protects your hair. Add green tea leaves in the shampoo or oil and leave it for some time to experience the quality difference.

Wash On Regular Basis

As every day we accumulate dust and dirt on our body, our hair also affects similarly. Hence, it should be a habit to wash your hair on regular intervals to remove the dirt and so the nutrients can reach up to the roots easily.


Combing provided blood circulation in your scalp. It also helps in removing the dirt from the hair. But after washing the hair, they should not be brushed and the skin of the scalp becomes tender and so it damages the skin tissues and weakens them.

Avoid Electronic Products

Hair treatment products such as hair straightener, hair drier, and to make curls, are tremendously dangerously for the hair. The heat up your hair and the heat reach the soft skin of the scalp and damage it.

Avoid Hot water

The hair should be avoided to be washed by hot water, as it damages the cells and makes the scalp gentler and more sensitive.

Rid Of Bad Habits

The habit of smoking burns the nutrients present in your hair roots. This results in weak roots and hence the fair fall occurs.  So quit smoking!

Over-Burden Of Stress

The stress after a limit does not just damage your brain and health but also affects the thickness of health. The more you take stress, the more you lose your hair. So just relax.

Proper Routine

By following a timely routine can reflect a positive change in the texture of your hair. The ancient people used to follow a systematic routine and hence never needed any branded hair products.

Apply Caffeine

Caffeine boosts the DHT hormone that holds the roots of the hair encourages the blood circulation and also vitalizes the growth.

Exposure To Sunlight

The UV rays of the sunburn your soft tissues and cells of the hair. So your hair should be covered under the sun with a cap or cloth. The hair even loses its shine and becomes thin, so don’t forget to cover your head.

Excess Intake Of Medicine

The medicines cause very bad side-effects on your body as well as hair. They are the potential to wipe off your nutrients from the root and encourage white hair formation.

Be Nature Lover

Avoid chemical products, shampoos, and conditioners. After a long run, they damage the productivity of hair. So instead, utilize the ingredients form nature to treat your hair.

Finger Acupressure

Rubbing the tips of the fingers of both the hands together can stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp. These are the acupressure points to improve the health of hair. This even prevents the hair from turning white.