10 Tips & Tricks To Wear Ankle Boots

Tips & Tricks to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are very much loved and whether it is a winter season or summer season they are always in trend. Such ankle boots will help you to look chunky and will make your ankle to look wide. There are so many types of ankle boots which are available online and offline. But do you know that there are several tips and tricks which will make your ankle boots to look amazing. So, just have a look below:

Rolled Hem

If you are wearing jeans with booties, then folding your jeans will give you a unique look. While you are wearing this, make sure that you must wearing skinny jeans. You can ever try jeans which is having wider leg or having straight-legged.

Ankle Boots

Half Cut

This is one of the widely loved look, you can try half cut boots along with the pair of jeans. You can enjoy this look with the combination of the sunglasses and an over-sized tee. When you are choosing this look, do check that it must have slightly different angles and have great width to make it look more effortless.


Having monochromatic look is the best way when you are having taller ankle boots. You can combine this look along with the black booties and this will help you in looking taller and this will cover your ankle as well. You can also get a monochromatic look with the pencil skirt and having light brown and gray with gray color is the best combination to have an attractive look.

Try With A Dress

Pairing booties or ankle boots along with the combination of the dress will give a great and an attractive look. But when you are wearing it with a dress, then you should keep your booties below your knee and try to use longest line possible.


You can also tuck your ankle boots inside your pent and this will generate a long look. Most of the jeans will not get fitted inside the ankle boots and this will be the best option when they are combined with the leggings.


When you are wearing jeans, then you must ensure that your ankles must look slimmer as possible. It is very much important to keep some gap among between your jeans and your boots. You can have cuff which are 2-3 inches long.

Layered Socks And Leggings

Choosing socks and the leggings can never be out of trends. This look is the best for you during winter season. The most important thing that you must consider is to never wear socks with jeggings.

Rolled Hem

Having rolled or double cuffed jeans will make your ankle boots to look cute and amazing. As this will completely highlight your skin area.

Colored Tights

This is the best option to try when you are working somewhere.

At last we hope that you have learned about all the tips and tricks all that you have to follow while wearing ankle boots.