10 Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning Bike Trip

Planning Bike Trip

The trend of people getting into more road trips, either solo or with friends. The long bike trips are very much different than the city rides. If you have not planning bike trip very wisely and haven’t got the most comfortable bike, the road trip will turn into a nightmare. However, it’s the kind of experience that you will have to gain riding over time and meeting the people who have a similar kind of mindset.

Here are some tips that you can follow when you are planning bike trip either solo or with friends.

Comfortable Bike

You must choose the bike that is most comfortable for you. If the bike needs modification so that you can get extreme comfort, modify it immediately.

Riding Gear

You must not forget getting the best possible gear. The gear constitutes a good riding jacket, boot, pant, elbow and knee guards, etc. It must be fitting in size otherwise you will not be comfortable.

Planning Bike Trip

Avoid Over-Packing

Try to pack only the essentials as if you will overpack, it will increase the weight on the bike. That will turn out into decreased mileage and excessive unloading at every stop.

Drink Water

Many of us don’t understand the importance of staying hydrated and how it affects the body. You can take the water bottle with you in a sling bag style. We recommend you to add gluconate-D or any energy powder. A 2-litre bottle will be enough.

Know The Route

You must have a rough knowledge that in which direction, you are headed. Don’t rely on the GPS totally, keep asking about the route from the locals as well.

Take Stops

You must not try to cover the whole distance in one go. Take proper breaks on every 70-80 km. Also, if you know that you can stretch more, then don’t take break. It will increase the time and will break the flow.

Don’t Eat Heavy

You must always remember that before starting any ride, you must not eat a heavy meal. It will make you sleepy and you will not be able to enjoy the ride.

Always Use A Bandana

If you have long hair, it is a must-have for you. The hair strands on the face will annoy you throughout and it will be a huge distraction. Wear a bandana and you are sorted.

Prepared For Weather Change

India is a diverse country with multiple climates and weathers. You must not underestimate the weather condition. Always stay prepared for rains.

Carry Tools

You should also carry a set of tools that is fit for your bike. You don’t know where you will need them. Along with the tools, engine oil, spark plug, brake cable, etc. These are some of the very important tips that you must follow in order to get at least the basics of a bike road trip. You will be in more need of these tips if you are planning bike trip on going solo. If you are going with a group, then it’s a must that the most experienced rider is leading.