10 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Best TV Shows On Netflix

Netflix, one of the most popular and very much demanding online platform for watching online movies and TV shows. The quality of the movies and the TV shows are far better than that of the TV. For watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, all you need to have smart tv and the strong internet connection. Though, watching movies on Netflix is paid, but you will surely enjoy the movies and Best TV Shows On Netflix.

Today, in this post we will discuss all about the Best TV Shows On Netflix that should watch today and here is the information.


This is one of the most famous original TV series on Netflix. This tv serial is based on the life of the Gorgeous ladies of Wresting, which is a professional wresting promotion. The season 1 of this tv show do not gain as much popularity as the season 2 does. This tv show on Netflix is very much entertaining, loaded with fun.

Best TV Shows On Netflix

Mad Men

This is also one of very much popular tv show on Netflix. The lead roles in this serial are Rich Sommer, Kiernan Shipka, Jon Hamm, John Slattery and many more. This tv show has been recorded as one of the best and very much popular tv with amazing performance.

Russian Doll

This is also the best tv show on Netflix and you should watch this tv show right now. The lead role of this tv show is graphic designer by profession. After watching some of the episodes of Russian Doll, you will not resist you to watch the next episode of this amazing TV shows.

The Umbrella Academy

All of the cast of The umbrella Academy are very much talented and this is the tv shows, which is completely loaded with more fun and excitement. After watching the first 10 episodes of this tv shows, you will feel crazy and you will eagerly wait for the next episodes of this tv show.

Sex Education

This tv show on Netflix is created by Laurie Nunn. This shows is filled with the discussion on sex. If you are a teenage, then you should start watching this best and popular tv show in Netflix.


The first episode of this bodyguard, is like Goosebumps creating and you will not let you to say no to the next six episodes of this most popular and best tv show on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

This is the very much influential and very much popular tv show on Netflix. The lead role in this tv show is a chemistry teacher. This tv show is filled with the emotions.


This tv shows is based on the life of the friends. This tv shows on Netflix is loaded with fun and this is very much popular and youngsters love watching this show.

Documentary Now

Documentary Now is great show on Netflix is released in 2015. This is the other comedy serial, which is very much popular on Netflix.


This TV shows gets popular in the year 2017. This is the story, which is based on the true events and the life of the FBI agents.