10 Best Honeymoon Resorts In Munnar


Are you a newlywed couple and looking for the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar? Today, we help to decide the most suitable destination for your honeymoon. After marriage, everything looks very fresh and lovely to the newlywed couple so to enjoy that time they visit the most romantic places if you’re then Munnar is the best romantic place to visit and perform the unique activities.

This place is truly a landmark of Kerala, where you can enjoy nature with your soul mate. There are countless honeymoon resorts, which are worth to stay in Munnar. But we have rounded off the best honeymoon resorts so here we go.

Resorts In Munnar

Windermere Estate: Luxury Inspired

This resort is the perfect destination for the couples which offer them to experience the luxurious retreat with spacious rooms; moreover, you can roam in the cardamom. And we assure that you will fall in love with the surroundings and your spouse.

Blackberry Hills Retreat Spa for Delightful View

The best features of this resort, you can enjoy several of the activities such as bird watching, paint your canvas, mountain biking, guided treks, and some other cultural activities on request.

Aranyaka Resort For The Sensational Stay in Munnar

Aranyaka resort is located far away from the crowded places so that you can enjoy the privacy with the spellbinding view of Athukkad waterfalls.

Birds Valley Resorts In Munnar

This bird’s valley resort is a heaven for birdwatchers so because of this is the most preferable place or resort for the family gateway and couples.

Chandy’s Windy Woods Resorts In Munnar

This place is known for the mixed bag of unique experiences. The ambiance of this hotel is indeed very amazing, sophisticated and modern which the perfect example of comfort and luxury.

The Panoramic Gateway

The panoramic gateway y is the perfect destination for the newlywed couples. You will find everything here as they provide every modern facility and through the windows of the rooms, you can enjoy the sunset.

Forest Glade Resorts In Munnar

Forest glad resort is included in the four-star categories with the luxury and warmth of the highest order, and the features of this resort are the unique garden porticos outside the rooms.

For Sea View: Abad Copper Castle

If you are sea love then this resort is the best place for you to enjoy the sea view with a partner. Moreover, it provides fresh and aromatic air from the windows of your resort. The staff of this resort is very friendly that provides you everything that you want.

Devonshire Greens Leisure Hotel

Devonshire is a leisure hotel that falls in love everyone with nature in which it is situated and this resort is known for its serene environment, which makes it a perfect destination for the honeymooners.

Spring Dale Resorts In Munnar

This resort is manufactured in the Western Ghats and it offers travelers familiar surroundings. This resort is surrounded by gardens and beautiful fragrance of tea. this resort is the best for the newlywed couples for their honeymoon with all the contemporary facilities from the friendly staff system.