10 Best Food Business Ideas With Low Investment

Food Business Ideas

Food business requires the processing, packaging and manufacturing of the food. Nowadays, the completion is increasing among the food industry. Every third person wants to start the food business. If you’re going to establish the food business, then you require the quality, cleanliness and taste. The quality of the food should be mouth-watering. There are different types of food businesses. Here is a list of some food business ideas that will be helpful for you in choosing the right food business.

Food Business Ideas

Bakery Business

If you have the excellent culinary skill of baking, then you can start this Bakery business. Bakery business is all about the cake baking, pastries, cookies baking. The equipment uses in baking are tandoor, oven and different shape moulds. Besides, you can establish a bakery in your locality.

Chocolate Making

It is one of the easiest food businesses with low investment. People like to eat home-made chocolate rather than other chocolates. You can run this business from your home. It requires good chocolate making skill.

Ice-Cream Parlour

It is an evergreen food business because of people fond of eating ice cream either in winter or summer. You can make the ice cream at home and also take contracts from different stores. After taking the contracts, you can deliver the ice- cream in the stores.

Food Vans

Nowadays, food vans are quite trending. You can also transfer the van into a food van with renovation. Sell the food door to door as per order. You can introduce this business to an online platform.


With the proper planning and plotting, you can open the restaurants at the heart of your city. It is a profitable business. Hire the best chef for your restaurant and provide the best quality food.

Start The Cooking Classes – Food Business Ideas

You can open the cooking institute and teach the cooking to beginners. It requires extensive knowledge of cooking. People are fond of learning culinary skill. Therefore, earn a tremendous amount of buck from cooking classes.

Dairy Products

The products of milk are highly demanded. You can open the dairy that provides the best quality of milk, cheese, ghee and numerous products.

Fast-Food Shop – Food Business Ideas

Everyone loves to eat fast food. Therefore, you can start your fast food shop. In the shop, you can offer the Chinese, Mexican, Italian food with an Indian style to your customers.

The Business Of Farsan

Farsaan is related to namkeen that is the salty product. For this business, you can also take the contract from the different franchises for the farsan shops.

Pickle Making – Food Business Ideas

Pickle is an essential part of the food. Without pickle, food is tasteless. Therefore, you can start this business if you know about pickle making. In addition to it, you can sell different type of pickle.

In the end, turn your dream into reality with these food businesses ideas. All of the businesses require low investment. You do not need to spend a hefty amount when you have the option to starts your business from home.