10 Amazing Fun Things to Do in Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai

Everyone knows that Dubai ranks top as the most visited places in the world. Apart from the attractions, there are many things to do in Dubai from brunches to the theatre, beaches, etc. This place is the treasure trove for tourists in many forms from the Arabian Desert to a modern metropolis.

If you are planning to visit Dubai in future and are looking forward to what are the top things to do, then you are at right. Let’s have a look into the things to do: –

Things To Do In Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is the famous water park in Dubai located opposite Burj Al Arab in the Jumeirah area. It is a theme park of the tale of a character. The individual can do many things in this park-like, water slides, surfing machines, wave pool, etc. Apart from it, there are various other attractions like popular restaurants, snack bars, etc.

Chance To View The World

The mighty Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest human-made structure will offer you an opportunity to view the exceptional world. Countless people visit this place to see the view of the world from the 144th floor, which cannot be described in words. Its height is 829.8 meters.

Shop At World’s Biggest Mall

If you are visiting Dubai and not seeing the grandeur mall, then your trip is not worth it. This mall is the biggest in an area with 120 cafes and restaurants, and many retail stores to shop.

On the other hand, it also has an aquarium, underwater zoo, and also have Olympic proportion rink.

Dubai Frame

It is a very cool vantage point through which you can see Dubai’s present, past, and future in a one-hour tour. This frame is 150-meter-high made up of glass. It is also known as Berwaz Dubai.

Enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari

You will feel amazing after visiting Desert Safari. In this, you with your family can take a wheel drive to the authentic campsite via desert with fascinating and traditional dances, cuisine, and entertainment.

Global Village

In this global village, many of the nation’s represent their themed stalls, shows, attractions, etc. It is the perfect place for past-cultural festivals and many more things. The best part is here you got a chance to taste more than 100 themed kiosks street foods from around the world.

Shop At The Dubai Shopping Festival

This shopping festival pulls crowd from all over the world. Here you will get to shop best of brands from across the globe.

Kite Beach

If you want to have fun at the beach, then come to the kite beach in Dubai. It has everything for doing fun like jogging, walking tracks, showers, etc.

Skydive Dubai

Fun your life while doing skydive with jumping out of a plan with a speed of 120 mph. This skydive will deliver free fall views of the city is a very fantastic way.

The Dubai Fountain

It is more than 900 ft length fountain that shoots very high water into the air with various songs. This is the spectacular show for both individual and the family.

Final thought

These are the above things to do in Dubai with full enjoyment.